ERASMUS+ Let's shake hands! ERASMUS+. Our team introduction When we will meet for the first time we will be really exited to
introduce ourselves to each other during our upcoming online event.
We look forward having opportunity to shake hands!
Dr. Svetlana Ridala, PhD Learn more 30 years of integration: success stories, challenges, and unused opportunities International conference on integration 11.-12. november 2021 Tallinn, Estonia „Discover-Understand-Enjoy-Share” Let's together contribute to the development of cultural knowledge, foreign language skills, ICT skills, develops our students’ self-confidence and open-mindedness. Learn more One Team.
Одна цель.
Meie kool.

Kool 21. Sajandil (The School of the XXI Century) is a private school founded in 1994. Our School has a rich history of international co-operation.  We managed to establish a wide network of our partners over the European Union and also the UK.

Our School is inspired by our students. Our teachers, students along with their parents all together hand by hand are motivated to explore new horizons not only in subjects learnt by also in increased social network. Therefore, we do greatly appreciate an opportunity to work out a better future.

We accept students from Tallinn but also internationally. The native language of the children attending the school is commonly Russian however we provide also classes in English for our international students. In the high school 60% of subjects are provided in Estonian according to the legislation. From January 1, 2012, we are located at our current location at Sõle tee 40, Tallinn, where we have 800 m² at our disposal. Additionally we provide the gym, healthcare room, computer classes and library.