Walks in Tallinn September’22


The first day with the Hungarian students was very interesting. It all started at the airport, where the students were greeted by us. It was fascinating to see these familiar faces again!Some of them were travelling by plane for the first time. They said they enjoyed their flight a lot. From the first view they seemed to like Tallinn. The Evening  continued with a small Old City sightseeing tour, which was organised after the arrival at the hotel. The weather was wonderful and it went so well with the old buildings. We made a lot of pictures in the city square, after that visited Pelm restaurant and tasted some local food. We enjoyed each other company. Seeing this marvellous and vivid city for the first time is absolutely unforgettable experience everyone should go through. It is a great pleasure to realize that someone will remember this trip for a very long amount of time!


During the second day we spent our time with foreign friends visiting famous places and sightseeings. The day was  full of adventures.. Everyone enjoyed painting and Estonian National Opera and Ballet theater, where we watched Alice in Wonderland ballet. Before that visited Russian Orthdodox Chirch and got to know about Estonain composer Arvo Pärt. It was a museum inside the forest. The students were tired but happy at the end .


On the third day we worked together on pour Erasmus  project, we had to do presentations together. This time we decided to talk about famous nature sights of Estonia and Budapest and compare these two amazing cities . We worked on presentations for few hours, after that our guests went to Fotografiska museum enjoying Korean art. They liked it a lot.

After visiting the museum, they came back to our school and we celebrated one student’s birthday. He was happy and fulfilled, he will surely remember his 19th birthday for the rest of his life.

Later, we finally went to see the sea in Stroomi beach which is located near the school. The sea was cold, but at least sunny weather made the trip beautiful . We split into teams and made human towers . That was fun! It was a good ending to a productive and a bit exhausting day.


10th of September was the fourth day Hungarians were visiting us. It was dedicated to the Estonian nature and art. We visited Estonian Art Museum, KUMU, the  biggest art museum in Baltics. They worked in groups in the art space in Kumu and enjoyed that creative athmosphere. After seeing the exhibition, we took a walk to Kadriorg park. Autumn had just arrived in Estonia, blowing us with a soft breeze. We continued with us walking towards the coast. Rusalka and Japanese Garden made a big impression.  Hungary does not have its own access to the sea, so Hungarian students were happy to see it.


It was a very sporty day. In the morning we had some spare time after which we went alltogether to Nõmme seiklus park (adventure park). It was very fun and sometimes even scary. After all this tree climbing we had a neat picnic. This was our morning. We had  some time for ourselves once again. Afterwards we had traditional dinner which was quite tasty.

The day ended with a walk in the Old Town at night. It was glowing in vivid tones and, obviously, it was the perfect ending of the day!


The second last day was dedicated to the presentation of recently done projects. It was educational… Afterwards, we had lunch in the school canteen and then we visited the new part of Tallinn, the IT-company named Solita where we got a lot of information about digitalization. It was assiciated with the project of Estonian Digital Citizenship. It was interesting to see the place! Later that day we had a great goodbye-party.


The last day of the Hungarians’ visit was engaged with summarising the results. We expressed and discussed our feelings and experiences together.

In general, the project went very well. It was something new for us, we could familiarise with the new type of education, which is especially distinguished by its playfulness. With the help of it, the students themselves became interested and eager to acquire new knowledge. These few days have brought a lot of joy and extraordinary knowledge into our lives! 

It was little sad to let our guests go to the airport, because we became such good friends. But we all know that all good things must end. 

Until we meet again, goodbye!

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